Mark One Sourcing is a well-known, global supply chain manager and virtual manufacturer with a razor-sharp focus on product and price. MARK ONE starts its business through the management is having experience more than 20 years represents our passion for the fashion industry and in delivering true benefits for our global customers.

Operating it’s business through different territory across the World especially in Europe, Canada, North America, Middle East and Asia. We have a vast network of factories / Vendors which have been technically and ethically audited to the international standards.

Mark One Sourcing provides low-cost sourcing in apparel, home textiles, fashion accessories, decorative accessories, and other goods for companies in the fashion and hospitality industries. We have strong relationships with manufacturers and quality suppliers around the globe and maintain high production standards through our team of on-site inspection agents and import/export specialists.

We try to be ahead of our competition in product & price by a fully-fledged Mark One run by highly professional merchandisers that are highly skilled in product costing. With our collection proposals, our customers will be enabled to buy more often and quicker. Quicker lead time offers obvious additional benefits to our clients.

WHY Mark One Sourcing

⇒ Highly competitive product prices and service fee’s enabling Mark Once sourcing to work with any of the world’s fashion apparel or consumer goods discounter
⇒ A fashionable business model positioned to operate on short lead times, low margins and flexible volume enabling Mark One Sourcing to work with any of the world’s fashion companies
⇒ Existing sourcing and production presence of  Mark One Sourcing in key low cost and duty-free countries
⇒ Product Development and Design.
⇒ We are your partner and manage all aspects of your supply chain.
⇒ We have a global outlook on our customers’ needs and objectives.
⇒ Efficiency in Supply Chain Management.


Technical Team
QA and QC Team
In-house Technical and R&D Team


Our Profile 
Mark One Sourcing” We, manage supply chains for major brands and retailers worldwide. We have a large network of factories which have been technically and ethically audited to industry standards.

We are specialized in Knitwear, Sweater, and Woven items. All are composite top class factories with all modern facilities & internationally certified. We have Experienced and highly Technical Management to execute the product exactly as per the buyer requirements. Our management concentrates fully on buyer satisfaction. Quality is our main strength that is why we believe in the long-term relationship.

We have the flexibility to meet the trend in all aspects of design, quality, and other developments which are most desired by today’s fashion conscious market.

  • Quality assurance teams in all major production hubs
  • Skilled and reliable global supply chain management from factory to client
  • Factory base complies with retailers and brands social responsibility standards and local regulations